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Nov 19, 2010

Bring back my bar for January 2011

Scentsy has announced the discontinued scents that will be brought back and available for the month of January 2011!  Here is the list. Always – Burst of fruit followed by velvety vanilla and sandalwood romance

Baked Brown Sugar – Warm brown sugar with nutmeg
Berries and Bubbly – Sweet strawberry aroma with champagne
Bubblegum – The true scent of baseball-card bubblegum, sugar and cotton candy with a hint of mint
Carrot Cake – Irresistibly sweet, nutty, warmer and spicy
Cherry Clove Chutney – Crushed bing cherry’s, cloves and cinnamon
Clary Sage – Fresh floral bouquet with hints of lavender and lilac
Falling Leaves – An earthy blend of clove, cinnamon and patchouli
Flower shop – Just like walking into a flower shop
Fresh cut grass – like freshly cut fairway on a cool summer morning
Grape Vine – like sweet grape juice o a full bodied Cabernet
Huckleberry Heaven – Like Grandma’s huckleberry jam
Lavender Vanilla – Relaxing mix of hillside lavender, vanilla beans, orange zest and patchouli
Pearberry – Smooth blend of delicious pears and raspberries
Raisin Spice Tea – Enchanting blend of musk, cove, nutmeg, cinnamon and vanilla
Redwood and Cedar – A fresh scent with texture, warmth, and sensuality reminiscent of a cedar chest
Sandalwood and Cranberries – Exotic Sandalwood, sweet cranberries and spice
Toasted Apple Butter – Creamy Butter blended with ripe apples accented with rich spices
Vanilla Oak – Simple and classic blend of smooth french vanilla and woody oak
Wasabi Ginger – Spicy notes of wasabi blended in perfect harmony with fresh ginger

Remember that these scents will ONLY be available for the month of January then they will be gone so stock up on your favorites!

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