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Oct 7, 2010

Bring back my bar is back!

Caught ya! You’ve been hoarding that last Cinnaberry Scentsy Bar, haven’t you? Just using it on special occasions—kind of like the good china? We understand; we do it, too, when our favorite Scentsy fragrances get “retired.”
Clearly, many Scentsy fans feel the same way. We know because when we offered to “bring back” 20 of the most in-demand retired fragrances as Scentsy Bars last July, we received hundreds of thousands of votes from people passionate about a discontinued scent they just HAD to have again! In case you missed it, don’t worry. We’re now giving all our Scentsy fans and all our retired fragrances another chance.
Which 20 fragrances should we bring back for one month in January 2011? Help us choose!
Please take a moment to vote for your top three favorites by clicking HERE. We’ve added more Fall/Winter 2009 discontinued fragrances to the list of nominees this time around, and you can view the complete list at the link below.
Vote as many times as you like between now and Monday, October 18. We’ll announce the winning scents on December 1 on the Official Scentsy Facebook Fan Page.

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